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DPS - Antennas



The Antenas Professional Line's anti-lightning protectors were developed to protect data communication, video, voice and other signals from various equipment, via antennas, whether vhf, uhf or radio frequency. 

Available in various models as below:

Application: Indicated to protect collective antennas in condominiums and related areas, with 75 ohms standard, to be installed in the distribution board. A protector must be used for each cable, with no limit of protectors, which must also be plugged into a grounded rail. For protection of the electrical network, use the model Electricsystem. 

Purpose: Protection for radio frequency (RF) communication, "N" connection UHF, Mini-UHF, TNC or BNC.
Application: Indicated to protect radio amateurs, rural cell phones and other equipment with data/voice transmission, through RF signals.

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