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Our history

The protection your energy needs

SINCE 1991

Embrastec, a company with 100% national capital, founded in 1991, in Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, first dedicated itself to the development of Protective Devices Against Outbreaks (DPS), only two years later, in 1993, after several tests, it started its manufacture and commercialization.

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The Founders

Over the years, we participated in the development and dissemination of this equipment, until in 2004, the SPD finally became a mandatory item in electrical installations in accordance with ABNT 5410.


The subject was addressed in greater depth with the recent publication in the new version of ABNT 5419 in 2015, where the Outbreak Protection Measures (SPM) gained an entire chapter. 


Always investing in research, we have the most complete DPS line, providing protection for electrical, data, signal and voice networks, comprising a range of products with more than 700 models. 

Seeking maximum quality, we submit our equipment to tests in several laboratories, such as the Laboratory of Integration and Tests - LIT of the National Institute for Space Research - INPE in São José dos Campos (SP), high voltage laboratory of UNICAMP in Campinas (SP) and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory of the Institute of Technology for Development - LACTEC in Curitiba (PR).

As this is a new subject in the Brazilian standard, aiming to clarify and facilitate the specification of Protective Devices against Surge (DPS), we make available on our website, our catalog that contains: A brief report on how the phenomenon occurs and how they arise lightning and transients in the electrical installation; The classification and minimum characteristics of these Devices in accordance with Standards ABNT 5419, ABNT 5410, NBR IEC 61643-1; Our Complete Line, with their respective applications and technical and mechanical characteristics. In tune with the Eco-Eletro concept, which aims to minimize the disposal of electronic equipment in the environment, and its consequent contamination, Embrastec devices, by protecting them, collaborate with the preservation of NATURE, a duty of EVERYONE!

With our technical team we are available to our customers to seek solutions, either with the development of projects or new products. We have already developed products to meet the needs of several customers such as: Siemens, Autoban, Trixtec, TSE, Telefônica, Infraero, METRO-SP, among others. Satisfying our customers is our greatest vocation!

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