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line filter

line filter


Embrastec is pleased to launch the first Line Filter in Brazil, produced completely in accordance with the ABNT 16188 Standard, published in August 2013 .
Seeking to increase user safety and provide protection for electronic equipment, the new standard stipulated minimum parameters to be followed, so that power strips produced in Brazil act properly.
Among the main requirements, we can highlight:
The on/off switch must be  bipolar, so that when it is in the off position, it completely isolates the filter;
The fuses must contemplate the two phases or phase and neutral;
Have internal components capable of attenuating 40dB (range from 150kHz to 100 MHz);
When incorporating DPS (Surge Protection) inform surge exposure capability;
Cabinet must be flameproof;
Indicated for computers, printers, routers, televisions, DVD, Blu-Ray, and other equipment with consumption up to 1200 Watts  (110V) or 2200 Watts (220V).

See Technical Data Sheet and models:

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